Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I bet...

that all my loyal fans (OK I realize I maybe have one...hi Sonja!) think that perhaps I have ditched all efforts in my Martha cleaning challenge...but I have not!!! I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to get a start on my chores for the long weekend and powered through like a champ!
In all honesty though I STILL have not made my bed! Tonight I plan to wash sheets so that should motivate me to make it! On a side note 2 of my nieces stayed at my house on Saturday night. Lil wanted me to make her a bed on the floor with my popasan chair cushion so that it is what I did. The next morning she had to make her bed again since in her words "Auntie you made me such a beautiful bed I need to make it again"! Really I need to be more like her!!!!

This week's rooms on my chore list are the bedroom and bathroom! After a day of yard work and planting yesterday my shower needs a good cleaning! I was a muddy mess when I got in from planting since I tried to power through in the rain. My bedroom is also in shambles. CLOTHES are everywhere! Since I knew this week was coming I just gave up on putting things away...not going to happen again I can tell you that much!
Pictures still coming! I promise! Perhaps some before and afters of the heap of clothing?? 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Must Be Allergic...OR SOMETHING!

My big goal was to make my bed today.
Here's the deal. I remembered. I looked at my bed. And then I walked away!
I just didn't want to do it. It's not that I don't love getting into a freshly made bed. It's not that I didn't have time. I just plain old didn't want to do it.
I will attempt again tonight to make it.
Also on the agenda for my evening...THE DREADED FRIDGE cleaning! I am thinking I might need some rubber gloves and a mask to do it since there are some interesting things growing in those containers I've been ignoring!
Seriously if you don't hear from me again soon it means that I'm probably passed out in front of it from the stinkies hiding within!! I'll try to take some pictures tonight to liven the blog up a little!
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cleaning like Martha

I AM A MESSY! I don't want to be one...but I am. I pretend that I'm not, but if you stop at my house without notice there is NO hiding it! I have decided to take on a challenge of keeping my house in order all summer long! Yesterday was day one and I cleaned the house from top to bottom...all the visible parts anyway! I missed a couple of things like cleaning the fridge (I'm seriously frightened by what is in there), putting away clothes, and organizing the back porch (could be mice)! But they will all be included in some form in my weekly cleaning chart so I'm not too concerned with these overlooked areas.
So, yesterday was day one. I felt like I really needed to have a system for my madness so I created a monthly/weekly/daily to do list to stay on top of things. I already have to admit that I did not make my bed yesterday or today and that's on my daily list. But it's all so new I honestly didn't think of this until I started typing! My list/spreadsheet is based on lists that I found at http://www.marthastewart.com/photogallery/cleaning-checklists That Martha really goes to town in one week of cleaning her house and I created my monthly list on her WEEKLY one! I didn't want to set myself up for disappointment so I downsized and modified to make this work for me.
Since it's the third week of the month I'm going to jump ahead on my schedule and start at week three (just to keep my sanity of trying to keep track of where I'm at)
This week's chores are :

  • Clean out fridge (ewwww! See above)

  • Dust light fixtures

  • Flush drain with boiling water

  • Wipe down cupboards, stove, and fridge (DONE)

  • Wipe out oven & micro (DONE)

  • Clean garbage can

  • Mop floor (done)


  • Sweep steps

  • Sweep floor

  • Clean laundry area

On top of the weekly chores I will also have daily and weekly tasks that I thought would get too disgusting if I waited until the assigned week.


  • Make bed (TOMORROW FOR SURE)

  • Manage clutter

  • Sort mail

  • Clean as cooking

  • Wipe up spills

  • Sweep

  • Laundry


  • Take out garbage

  • Wipe out sinks

  • Put away laundry

  • Clean toilet

Wish me luck and stay tuned for updates!!!!! Hopefully if you stop over unannounced I'm not embarrassed to have you!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Little Eye Candy...in the Form of Cloth

I hope I didn't get my huge audience of blog readers too excited with my title!

This past weekend I was at Beaver Lake Landing in Cumberland, WI. It's a great place to get out of town and craft away a weekend. I got a few projects done! I don't think I'm keeping any of them for myself...but who ever gets the blue bag I made needs to know that a lot of swear words went into it!!!

Below is the bag that has been almost 2 years coming for my sister I'm hoping that this really motivates her to get my scarf done that was part of the trade...maybe I should have waited on handing off her bag as collateral!

Finally I made three wine bags...these went together incredibly quickly! I think I will be making more of these! Too bad I didn't have wine to put in these when I took the photos, this would probably be frowned upon at work...so instead they are stuffed with flashlights in the photo!

The downside to the weekend was that I ran out of thread at 11pm on Saturday night after over 12 hours of projects...I really could have kept on going if not for that!

On the Singly Syren front there is really no progress...still Singly me!!! Although I have some new motivation being my good friend Sonja is getting married in less than a year and I think I should have a date for that! So if you know any attractive orphans send them my way!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post Something! Post Something!

That is what I keep hearing over and over in my head...and now from Kendra too! I haven't felt like I have much to blog about but she says I have lots so we will see where this rambling takes us!
So I guess I will write about the big exciting move I made last month...and no it was not away from my orphan dream...I moved from my small square of a house to a larger one!!! No more nosey landlords peering in my windows! No more green indoor/outdoor carpeting! No more...well the list could really go on and on!
The down side to my new home is that the previous tenant (who also happens to be my landlord) had HORRIBLE taste in color and decor! My bedroom is seriously 3 different shades of 1980's BHS purple!!!! The trim is lavender, the walls purple, and lucky me there is even a purple sponge painted wall!!! I'm seriously thinking all it needs is a bulldog mural (Sonja when are you coming over to paint it??) My living room/dining room is a lovely shade of mauve (I don't think they still produce that color do they???) and my bathroom is light purple with purple roses stenciled on every inch of the very very tiny little room! She even managed to stencil three between two medicine cabinets! So on to my next big adventure which will be painting! I think it's a good fall project to keep me out of trouble! I have all the colors picked out so maybe at some point you will get some before and after pics!
The best part of my new home is the critters that she left me! Not live ones that I know of thank goodness, but instead a pack of plastic wolves on a shelf on the way to my basement. I will have to post a picture as soon as I get one because it's unbelievable that someone would have these as decor! They are all perfectly arranged on Spanish moss as you are going down the steps...the best part is the shadows that they cast when you turn the light on! I really don't think I will take them down though because they make me laugh and you can't actually see them unless the basement door is open!
I'm sure you all can't wait to come over and visit now!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Small Step for Man...One Giant Leap for Syren

OMG...I signed up for online dating. It was a very scary and strange experience! I answered lots and lots of questions about my self that I've never thought of. I in no means think I'm a sexy gal, I guess I'm ok looking but how do you say that in a profile when they keep on asking if I'm sexy!?!? They also asked me question like would I ever consider talking bad about people and do I dislike some people...I had to be honest...right?!??! Well after going through all the rig-a-ra-moll on one site it turns out I have 0 matches! That's right folks not a single warm blooded male in a 30 mile radius is right for me! Gee I could have told you that! I guess I am going to have to make my radius a little bigger! I figured why not check one more site out so I also filled that survey out...I haven't heard if I'm on that one or not yet! I guess they have to verify me!

Well...after all that I'll see how it goes, but I will also be carrying candy in my pockets for any orphans that come my way!